Our Cells

Do you remember when you were young? Do you remember how fast you healed and how well you felt?

RESTEM has devoted several years researching different tissues to understand which may obtain the ideal stem cell with properties to effectively restore immune health amongst other healing properties. With all our research, we came to our proprietary stem cell, Umbilical Cord Lining Stem cells (ULSCs), an adult stem cell source that has all the  properties of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) at a youthful state. Our research has shown that ULSCs are younger and have a better immunomodulatory secretome profile than that of  bone marrow or fat MSCs. This is due to all the research and development into methods of culturing our cells and maintaining them in a youthful and viable state.

Our Stem Cells Technology

RESTEM has spent several years researching different stem cell types. After establishing the best tissue source for isolating stem cells, RESTEM embarked on making these cells the most potent and viable available on the market today. This took 2-3 years of research into supplementation of our ULSCs cell culture systems. Through studying telomere biology with our cells, we formulated the optimal supplementation for ULSCs to be maintained in a youthful and viable state. In addition, we analyzed many immunomodulatory proteins and their effects to assure that our cells secrete out the optimal factors needed for healing and repair. Hence, we produced the ideal stem cell type that enables us to produce millions of viable potent doses from a small segment of umbilical cord tissue, RESTEM