Natural Killer Cells

As we age, our cells age and our immune system is challenged significantly. The scientists at RESTEM have dedicated years to NK cell research with the goal of restoring the immune system to a younger, more active state.

NK cells are a unique class of immune cells, representing the immune systems first line of defense, with the innate ability to identify and directly kill abnormal cells by recognizing cellular stress signals. By doing so, NK cells can effectively regulate immune and inflammatory responses, representing an attractive therapeutic approach. Recognizing this potential, we have developed a novel, patient-specific personalized approach to produce highly activated and ex vivo expanded, clinical grade NK cells in a cost-effective, GMP-compliant manner. Importantly, these NK cells can also be administered without immunosuppressive preconditioning, potentially improving the effectiveness of the therapy.

Our activated natural killer (aNK) cells attacking and removing senescent fibroblasts.