RESTEM is dedicated to attending significant unmet medical needs through the development of innovative regenerative medicine therapies that extend and enhance the quality of human life.

We conduct clinical trials to improve the safety and efficacy of our investigational product candidates, which allow us to obtain the approvals from regulatory authorities necessary to provide the community with access to therapies oriented to fulfill unmet medical needs.

RESTEM perseveres to ensure the quality and integrity of our trials and minimize risks to research participants and patients. We believe that sustainable, long-term availability of our investigational products can be best achieved by demonstrating safety, tolerability, and effectiveness through the conduct of appropriately authorized and controlled clinical trials designed to address the requirements of regulatory agencies for approval.

We reserve the right to review and amend this policy in the future. If we do amend this policy in the future to provide such expanded access, we are under no obligation to continue to provide such access and may cease at any time.

For additional information about this policy, please contact Responses will be provided within approximately one business week.
Policy Adopted: July 2020